Riverside is a collection of images I made while living with my grandparents in Haverstraw, New York. My obscurded glimpses of Tilcon, a gravel factory at the end of their street, drew me in. I was interested in the irony of monstrous mountains composed of little rock pieces piled high infront of their fractured mother cliff. My photographs are an exploration on resource extraction and entwinement between the natural world and human actors who seek domination. 

I was a recipient of the Artistic Development Fellowship, awarded by the Office for the Arts at Harvard, to continue working on this project. I decided to extend my attention to the Hudson River which runs along side, collecting factory runoff. I wanted to explore the Hudson’s ability to weather, nurture, and destroy and the foundations necessary to sustain life in and near the evolving ecosystem. These are some of my images.

Haverstaw New York, March 2023